Our Services

Faith and Reason Publishing in is a nontraditional, traditional publisher. What this means is that we will help you publish your self-published book, but will provide you with our publishing logo and let you publish through all our publishing brand if it meets the following criteria:

  • 1) Your manuscript is professionally edited
    2) Your manuscript contents meets our guidelines
    3) Your manuscript meets our quality standards
    4) Your manuscript is professionally formatted for both standard paperback publication and e-book publication

After your manuscript meets this criteria, we will allow you to use the Faith and Reason publishing logo and brand. It will be published through Createspace, however you will own all rights to all material and you will receive all royalties.

Of course, there is a fee for this these fees are rather minor overall with a couple of exceptions. Here is a list of services and fees:

  1. Initial reading of a manuscript to determine its quality and appropriateness is $50
  2. Faith and reason the publishing Bar Code through create space is $10
  3. Custom cover design $150
  4. Formatting of manuscript for both e-book and paperback is $100
  5. Editing is $2.50 per double space page. Editing includes three rounds of edits, once for content, once for line by line editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure etc., and a final edit to ensure that no further problems were added to the manuscript during the editing process.

Editing is done by a college professor who teaches English, has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, and is a successful award-winning author. Formatting is done by Kessler Enterprises.

You may, of course, use your own editor, cover designer and formatter. However, the initial reading fee and the use of the bar code with the Faith and Reason Publishing stamp and logo are non-negotiable.

If this is something you might be interested in for your self published book you can contact us:


(Our apologies, spelling out the email address inhibits spammers)


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