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Separated from their mother and lost in the woods, two runaway slave children travel the Underground Railroad in search of both freedom and a forever home with their missing mother.


Thomas and Cassie’s mother hadn’t included Old Red in her plans for escape, and on the night they were to meet the Conductor, the master’s old hound dog had ripped her plans to shreds as surely as he would her two children if he were to catch them. Using herself as a decoy, she told them to follow the river and stay in the water to hide their scent. The children did as she instructed never knowing if this would be the last time they would see her, or that this night would be the beginning of a long, lonely journey with an unknown ending.

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Nancy Segovia has been a professional writer for over 25 years. She is the award winning author of the middle grade/YA fantasy Dragon Tears and the non-fiction work Shine. She has been a professional writer for over 25 years. She has achieved publishing success in the fields of adult fiction, children’s literature, newspaper journalism, feature magazine articles and poetry. She holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Denver and a Master’s Degree in Religion from Northwest Nazarene University.


9 Ways to Improve Your Dialogue

For all you writers out there to cut down on your editing expenses

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Sorry to be away so long. Been a weird couple of weeks getting Spawn ready for the BIG K—Kindergarten. Uniforms and doctors and immunizations and vision/hearing tests (and yes, apparently he CAN hear, he is just ignoring us). I am still unaccustomed to so much quiet. For those who are curious, YES I was going to homeschool, but we found a super cool private school where he is in a class of TEN and he loves it. He was getting lonely and kept asking to go to school so he could be with other kids, so I figured we’d give it a shot. So far so good.

He is now Spawn, The Most Interesting Kid in the World….

The Most Interesting Kid in the World...

Back to writing…

Today we are going to talk about a subject that I don’t think I have ever blogged about. Dialogue. Great dialogue is one of the most vital components of…

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Dragon Tears On Sale This Week On Amazon

Can a boy without magic and a dragon that can’t fly save their world from destruction?

In a land of magic users, one boy is born without magic. In a realm of angry dragons, one dragon befriends a human boy. Together, they follow their hearts on a journey to save their land. They are joined by a wily old wizard and another young dragon on a quest into the unknown to find the creator dragon – Skyhawk — the only one who can save their world from a devastating war. Adventure and danger awaits the misfit group as they travel across the endless Sea of Lights, escape the mysterious earth dragons in the Valley of Death, and continue to search for the mythical Singing Mountains and Cloud Caverns. Will they succeed in finding the powerful dragon and prevent the coming war, or will they fail in their quest, and lose not only their lives but all of creation as well?

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The Chosen – May’s book Selection: “The Sense of Style”

A Sense of Style – The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century!

Nancy Segovia

“The Sense of Style: The thinking persons guide to writing in the 21st century” by Steven Pinker is not your average writing advice book. In fact it really has nothing to do with a book writing either fiction or non-fiction. Instead it focuses on the art of using language correctly.

Pinker holds a doctorate in psychology in experimental psychology from Harvard University where he also taught for a long period. He also  specialized in  computational  learning theory as well as language acquisition. I am going to assume that this last area of interest is what led him to write this particular book. However, I have no data to support this theory. But, this particular book does focus on the use of language and in particular its focuses on archaic and obsolete rules of grammar that are best left behind as our language continues to evolve. And, our language does evolve. anyone who…

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